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On 19th July 2018, Tandridge District Full Council accepted the decision of the Planning Policy Committee (PPCto adopt the Draft Local Plan and Regulation 19 Consultation arrangements.  This followed a motion that the PPC decision be remitted to them for further consideration; the motion was defeated (15 for, 21 against and one abstention). The selection of South Godstone for the Garden Village development is included in the Draft Local plan

Following this announcement, Thakeham recently made a presentation to Godstone residents, which was facilitated by Godstone Council. The developer’s objective was not only to undermine the decision to select South Godstone as the site for a garden village development (and encourage residents to respond to the Regulation 19 consultation) but, in so doing, include support for their Redhill Aerodrome proposal. 

A number of points that respondents could include were suggested by Thakeham. Many of the matters referred to by them were subjective with large elements of spin and misleadingly presented as fact. The presentation included heavy criticism of TDC and the erroneous allegation that aspects of the information provided is not contained in Local Plan documents and has therefore not been accounted for in decisions by TDC.

Thakeham are attempting to exploit South Godstone’s unfortunate situation by appearing to support them. They are only interested in promoting their Redhill Aerodrome proposalalthough it is counterproductive to try and defend one site by expressing support for another.  

NCS are contacting Godstone community organisations and Councillors to highlight the flaws in the presentation and to highlight the dangers in following Thakeham’s self-serving advice and we are seeking to clarify the Godstone Parish Council strategy given this latest presentation.  

We remind you that The Regulation 19 consultation opens on 30th July and runs until the 10th September 2018. The consultation covers soundness and legal compliance of the Local Plan. We are currently working with NPC and an advisor experienced in such matters to produce a response to the consultation which will be seen by the Inspector when the draft plan is examined (early next year) 
Please view the Local Plan documents on TDC website. 

We plan to circulate information about the consultation on our website so please be aware.  

Positive responses to requests we shall be making to you in due course will be invaluable in defending the aerodrome from inappropriate development

Many thanks.
Protecting the local environment - Charity No 275088

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