Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Evidence for revision of Surrey Hills AONB boundary


Moors Nature Reserve

Mercers Lake (previously a gravel quarry) now recreation centre and site for migrating birds

    Charman Cottage (1559) one of the oldest buildings in the hamlet of Nutfield Marsh

    Open meadowland on Nutfield Marsh

    Open farmland on Nutfield Marsh

    Wild area of Nutfield Marsh

    Pasture land on the restored area of Nutfield Marsh

    Church of St Peter & St Paul on edge of restored land

    Woodland in the regenerated area - following Fullers Earth extraction

    1971 aerial photo of Fullers Earth Works 

    Restored landscape (north of A25) following Fullers Earth extraction

    View of Priory Farm estate featuring Nutfield Priory

    Priory Farm Estate

    Fullers Wood Lane/ Byes Wood

    View south-west from Bower Hill Farm

    View of ridge from Brays Farm

    View east from Brays Footpath

    View south from Brays Footpath - shows Redhill Aerodrome green field site

    Southern slope of Greensand Ridge

    View of Little Cormongers farmland - featuring Holmsdale  House on ridge

    Ancient woodland along Greensand Ridge (top of Coopers Hill) rich with bluebells

    Wild area around Steners Hill

    View south from Steners Hill

    Steners Hill

    View of farmland south of Greensand Ridge

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Brays Farm - Countryside Restoration Trust member

Brays Farm is a 52 Acre farm in South Nutfield and the land was part of the estate gifted to by the late John Collett who was passionate about sustainable farming and conservation issues.

The farm is now tenanted by Matthew Elphick and his partner Betsie who use many nature-friendly methods on the farm and hope to do even more in future to help wildlife - with the support of the Countryside Restoration Trust.

Matthew commented “We carry out a low-input style of farming - we’ve chosen dairy shorthorn cows because they are a good traditional breed that are hardy and will happily graze. You don’t have to grow lots of crops or feed them heavily for them to produce milk. We are going for quality rather than quantity, which means we don’t have to ask as much of our ground. We don’t put lots of fertiliser on the fields, we leave clumps of nettles here and there and we minimise the cutting of hedges. “We have a good population of swallows and little owls and kestrels on Brays Farm. We did have barn owls but a drought a couple of years ago hit them hard, so they haven’t nested since. We plan to plant more hedgerows, sow herbal leys and legumes to help pollinators and improve soil structure, and I would like to install nest boxes to encourage barn owls to settle on the farm again.”

Brays Farm is such an asset and residents are fortunate that this is continuing to add such rural value to the village. The farm also bring the added benefit of farm fresh foods - see the website Nutfielddairy/shop

Monday, 17 January 2022

TANDRIDGE LOCAL PLAN - update March 2022

March 2022:  NCS continue to monitor progress of the TDC Local Plan. The latest meeting of the Planning Policy Committee (PPC) took place on 10 March. Readers may recall that, following the Inquiry and expressions of concern from the Inspector regarding the viability of the plan, there has been an ongoing exchange of communication between TDC and the Inspector.  At this point TDC are proceeding with the plan as originally presented. It was clear from the meeting that it is by no means certain this approach will prevail.

Cliff Thurlow (TDC interim Chief Planning Officer) provided a report. In summary, the Inspector continues to express concerns and requires further work to assist him to make a final determination. The volume of work is very high and will demand significant resources (human and financial), from within TDC and via consultants. TDC will need to assess the resourcing issues and devise a suitable technical work programme on a critical path in advance of December 2023 (the deadline for government to adopt the local plan). Certain aspects of this are underway however TDC require clarifications from the Inspector regarding some of the issues raised. It is hoped that such clarification may reduce the potential workload. Regarding the garden community proposal, TDC are specifically seeking how far the Inspector requires them to go regarding the production of an area action plan in order to progress the plan for the South Godstone site.

Mr. Thurlow emphasised the point that the Inspector was likely to be very stringent and if he considers the plan is faltering he would recommend TDC withdraw it.  

A letter to the Inspector seeking the clarifications was sent TED54 and the Inspector has replied (ID21) to clarify his position.

The next meeting of the PPC is scheduled for 23 June. Full details of the meeting may be viewed on TDC website

February 2022: The Local Plan Inspector sent a new letter to the TDC about the Plan.  He once again stated that there is no certainty the Plan will be approved but that, if the Council wished to proceed and not withdraw its Plan, he will need additional information supplied to a strict timetable and with monthly updates on progress. The Council is now considering the options. NCS will continue to monitor developments. The Inspectors letter is at TED51

January 2022: NCS monitored the (additional) meeting of the Planning Policy Committee (PPC) on 5 January, held to consider the findings of the consultants retained to review junction 6 mitigations and to enable a response to the Local Plan Inspector's concerns. The consultant’s findings have identified a number of mitigation measures which National Highways and SCC have indicated appear appropriate - however there are funding and timing issues to be resolved. The PPC have sent a response to the Inspector on 6 January (seeTED50 ) along with the consultant’s findings and copies of communications with other agencies which can be found on the Tandridge website. TDC are now awaiting a response from the Inspector which will be considered at the next PPC meeting scheduled for 20 January 2022. NCS will monitor the meeting and report as appropriate. Clearly TDC are working to keep the current Local Plan alive - although we must be mindful that the J6/A22 issue was one of several concerns expressed by the Inspector - so his next response may well be very significant for the progress of TDC Local Plan.

July 2021: Tandridge wrote to the Inspector (TED47) to update him on the Council’s thoughts on how to progress the Local Plan Examination. They also provided him with a Statement which outlines the initial findings of the assessment of potential mitigation measures for Junction 6 of the M25.

June 2021Tandridge sent a response outlining the progress of the high-level transport modelling work and the decision-making process TED46 Update to Inspector.

Friday, 10 December 2021

Boundary Review of Surrey Hills AONB

We have received details in connection with a Surrey Hills 'Boundary review' for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) being undertaken by Natural England  See> AONB hatched area under consideration which includes the Nutfield Parish area north of the railway line (use the + sign on pdf to enlarge image)

See also the details reported in the Surrey Mirror regarding this review                 SM article Dec 2021 - AONB review

The first phase of the boundary review is to gather evidence about the natural beauty of areas (currently outside of the AONB) which are under consideration. We are liaising with Nutfield Parish Council regarding this project to provide the necessary evidence regarding the area of this parish which is included in the review process.

The formal inclusion of Nutfield Parish area in this AONB boundary will provide added protection against inappropriate development.

Saturday, 23 October 2021

Gatwick Northern Runway Consultation

We strongly oppose the planned Gatwick expansion involving conversion of the current emergency runway into a 'Northern' runway inflicting unnecessary environmental damage through a huge increase in annual flights.

Gatwick is one of several UK airports seeking expansion although it is well established that aviation is a significant polluting industry. Expansion will inevitably lead to increases in pollution of all types including carbon release. The aviation industry should be taking a responsible attitude and desist from expansion projects. This would at least avoid increasing the already high rate of harmful emissions. We are at a point of no return in relation to environmental damage. The current favouring of alleged economic advantages over pollution reduction and achieving Government environmental targets should be reversed. Gatwick should take the opportunity to present itself as a responsible organisation and lead the industry in abandoning the planned expansion.

HAVE YOUR SAY by responding to the public consultation                                     GATWICK AIRPORT/future-plans/northern-runway

See: NCS Response to Consultation

Tuesday, 21 September 2021


Tandridge provided an update to the Inspector advising that they expected to be in a position to respond by 5 Jan 2022 by which time they hoped to have received the appropriate detail from their transport consultants (see TED49 Nov 2021)

13 September 2021: Tandridge received a reply from the Inspector (ID19 - Sept 2021) in response to their letter. This would now seem to inevitably lead to a new Local Plan being necessary with maybe Tandridge needing to revert to a housing supply via several smaller sites (as suggested in para 11 of this latest letter).

27 August 2021: Tandridge sent an update (TED48to the Inspector on the latest delay with the high-level transport modelling  This letter proposes the actions they will be undertaking to address the issues raised by Surrey County Council and Highways England. They will also propose an alternative option prompted by the ongoing delay to the traffic modelling and regarding the August timeframe.

19 July 2021: Tandridge wrote to the Inspector (TED47) to update him on the Council’s thoughts on how to progress the Local Plan Examination. They also provided him with a Statement which outlines the initial findings of the assessment of potential mitigation measures for Junction 6 of the M25.

30 June 2021: Tandridge sent a response outlining the progress of the high-level transport modelling work and the decision-making process TED46 Update to Inspector.


See the TDC website for full update details of the Local Plan

NUTFIELD GREEN PARK - Application update

We are pleased to report that the planning application TA/2021/1040 was REFUSED at a Tandridge Planning Meeting last night (20 Sept).  The decision was overwhelming with a unanimous vote from council after the planning report identified numerous issues with the application - justifying the reasons to refuse > see issues in TDC report

The NCS objection covered several of these issues > see NCS Objection August 2021

NCS hope that the Government will scrap their ill-advised planning reforms and allow councils to determine local housing policy.