Wednesday 21 February 2024

Inspector Final Report finds Tandridge Local Plan unsound

Following dialogue Tandridge Council have had with The Inspector over the past years since their draft plan was published - the plan has unfortunately been found to be unsound.

See details > Tandridge Local Plan - Inspector Final Report

The report raises concerns regarding the OAN (Objective Assessed Housing Needs) but accepts the council Green Belt Assessment (GBA) as being reasonable.

Meanwhile we have raised objections regarding the Nutfield Green Park Plans recently re-submitted by developers following complete rejection of the previous plans.

NCS objection to Nutfield Green Park Plans

Supplementary comment on Nutfield Green Park Plans

We shall monitor reaction to these inappropriate plans and report accordingly.

Protecting the local environment - Charity No 275088

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Conservation Society AGM 2024



Village Hall 

Mid St - South Nutfield

Saturday 16 March - 10.30am



(Tea/Coffee/Registration from 10.15am)


Speaker – Peter Barclay (Chairman - GACC)



Saturday 15 October 2022

CHAIRMAN POSITION - Nutfield Conservation Society


Some of you know our NCS Chairman, Peter Forbes has been out of action for a large part of this year - with hospital admissions for Marian and himself plus a succession of falls/accidents causing mobility issues. 

 He has managed to keep a handle on most NCS issues and has had huge support from Steve Hanks during this period - especially with monthly articles for the LINK.  NCS has completed another year at the end of September and our treasurer will be completing the 'end of year accounts' for audit. Our committee also finalised the Village Calendar submissions and Kent Sandiford kindly put the artwork together for the printers to produce supply of the 2023 calendars which are now on sale at Holborns and at Priory Farm Shop (as advertised in the LINK plus posters around the village). 

In view of Peter’s health issues being ongoing since his cancer operation at the end of 2019, he will be stepping down as Chairman at the end of this year and the Society will be looking for someone to take up this position next year and maybe seek additional committee members to assist with ongoing NCS research/responses etc. He is happy to continue as a committee member to assist as required and is happy to discuss any details regarding NCS.

If anyone would like to discuss the Chairman position or knows of anyone who may be interested please email at the NCS address below or contact Peter on 822811. The person should be a resident of Nutfield Parish.

The Chairman role has been extremely fulfilling and one which Peter advises has thoroughly enjoyed since taking this up over 10 years ago but, given his current situation and ongoing family commitments, we appreciate his need to step back and support NCS more from the wings.


Tel 822811


Saturday 1 October 2022


January 2023 update

Local Plan Update (LP)

The under-mentioned is a brief summary of item 5 of the Planning Policy Committee (PPC) meeting held  on 19 January 2023. NCS will continue to monitor how the Local Plan progresses:


Members may recall that the emerging plan was effectively  in stasis following the Government letter sent to the Planning Inspectorate in summer 2022.

Mr. Thurlow (Chief Planning Officer) reported that In December 2022 The Government circulated two more documents , a Ministerial Statement and Proposed Changes to the National Planning Policy  Framework (NPPF). He indicated that the three  documents make it clear that the (present) Government intends to radically amend the NPPF and  LP regulations.

Mr. Thurlow highlighted certain changes that will particularly affect Local Plans. 

The “Top-down directions” by the Secretary of State  for housing delivery numbers would be effectively discontinued . (This is relevant to TDC as the current imposed numbers are inexplicably high)

Allocation of Green Belt land in order to meet housing needs will no longer be considered overriding in order to produce building numbers.

The necessity to test soundness of LP’s will be discontinued

Less supporting evidence will be required

Emphasis on building density will be reduced - the priority will be to  ensure that any new building is within the character of the area.


Mr. Thurlow advised that an LP is essential to protect the District from random, speculative building developments. It is considered that the current uncertainty surrounding NPPF and LP regulations provides a window to progress the LP to the advantage of TDC. Specialist Planning Consultants have been retained and are assisting TDC. The PPC resolved to submit a letter of proposals to the 'LP Examining Inspector' in order  to progress the emerging LP this will include a reduction of the plan to a five year span. The consultants will assist in the drafting of the letter which will be circulated for agreement by the full PPC prior to submission.


The full PPC meeting can be viewed on a webcast available via the TDC website.


Stephen Hanks ( Vice-Chair)


September 2022 update

NCS continue to monitor the TDC Planning Policy Committee meetings on this matter. The latest meeting took place on 22nd September. The following is a summary of the present situation - complete information can be viewed via the TDC website:

Members may recall that TDC have been reacting to the Inspector’s (post Inquiry) concerns and have commissioned consultants.

In accordance with The Inspectors requirements TDC have provided monthly progress reports.  They have conformed to an agreed schedule. The Government requires that all local authorities must have their plans approved by the Inspector by December 2023. The TDC schedule for completion will take them very close to this 2023 deadline. To date the Local Plan has cost TDC £3.1 million and they have a budget of £1.1 to complete the work in progress.

On 28th July the former Secretary of State, Greg Clark, wrote to the Chief Executive at the Planning Inspectorate (PINS). This letter directed Inspectors “not to conclude that local plans are unsound or recommend their withdrawal before a new prime minister is appointed, or until the department advises you otherwise”. The letter has introduced a significant degree of uncertainty regarding the Local Plan making process and advised that the government is “considering changes to the planning system". TDC officers expressed concerns that, notwithstanding the tight schedule of outstanding work on the emerging Local Plan, to proceed and spend significant amounts on the planned works would be financially imprudent.  The rationale being that any such changes may undermine or waste work  both completed and planned.

The officers therefore recommended: 

1. That letters are sent from the TDC Chief Executive to the Chief Planner at DLUHC and the Inspector examining the Local Plan;

2. TDC does not proceed with commissioning or undertaking further work for the time-being on the emerging Local Plan; and

3. The Interim Chief Planning Officer be authorised to commence work on a Site Allocations Development Plan Document(DPD)*

These recommendations were adopted.

*The DPD is contained in the existing Core Strategy and is intended to provide a “ hedge” against the uncertainty and allow TDC to proceed with planning within it’s current policy.

Thursday 29 September 2022


Nutfield Village Calendar is now available for purchase at:

  • Holborns Store, South Nutfield       and
  •  Priory Farm Shop, Nutfield
Cost £5 per Calendar

Features photos taken at the Queen's Jubilee in June 2021

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Gatwick Northern Runway Project

Gatwick have set out revised plans to bring their existing Emergency Runway into regular use alongside their Main Runway.

Regular use of this additional 'Northern' runway could allow Gatwick to serve 75 million passengers a year by 2038 although this development contradicts Government Climate Change plans over this period. Other elements of their plans include changed highway access to allow increased vehicle movements.

We objected to the previous plans to utilise the emergency runway in this manner and were pleased to see those Gatwick plans were rejected. This appears to be a modified attempt to achieve the same objective  and we shall be raising similar objections.

You can raise your own objections in any of the following ways                                   (deadline is 27th July 2022):

3. written comments (no stamp required) to: Freepost SEC NEWGATE UK LOCAL
4. for further details call Gatwick via 0800 038 3486 (Mon to Fri 9.30 - 5.30pm)