Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Redhill Aerodrome Housing Plan

      This planned development will create a huge estate and cause urban spread from South Nutfield west towards Redhill and south towards Horley.
      See details of our initial observations > NCS points being considered which may assist you when sending your own comments regarding this inappropriate development.
      These can be sent by email to       or writing to Tandridge District Council at: 8 Station Rd East, Oxted, Surrey RH8 0BT.       
Correspondence should have the heading "Garden Village Consultation".     
You have until Monday 9 October to make any comment.  
            also see >BBCSurrey/comments                         
     We are working closely with the  Parish Council regarding this critical campaign     see >details of Public Meeting 21 Sept                            
     A number of obstacles involved with the consideration of Redhill Aerodrome as a ‘Garden Village’ site have been identified by Tandridge District Council (TDC) which make the potential delivery  dates unrealistic within the 2033 timescale applicable to their Local Plan.
TDC have expressed in their Garden Village Consultation concerns that “…..development would not commence within a  timeframe that could suitably contribute to meeting any of TDC needs for the plan period which would be an unsound approach and highly challenged…..”
The site has performed a valuable purpose as a local aerodrome since 1930 and is an important strategic employment location within Tandridge district.

The area involved is critical Green Belt (as accepted in the 2014 Public Enquiry) and this inappropriate housing proposal would breach a number of protections afforded under the National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF).

·     Residents living near to the aerodrome site have been extremely concerned at the prospect of this rural area being destroyed on the scale proposed by the housing development.  Although the site is not itself within the Surrey Hills AONB, it is a central view from Nutfield Ridge (a candidate for AONB status) and the negative impact issue pertains. This was given weight in 2014 when planning permission was refused for a hard runway in the Green Belt location.-  The proposers confirm that, due to access issues,  their proposal will not be deliverable unless a new motorway junction (and link) is built. Tandridge Council have put on record their concern about the absence of a commitment from Highways England for a new junction and further concern that, even if a commitment were to be given, the length of time that would be taken to build the junction would likely result in non-delivery of housing within the Local Plan period to 2033. 
Nutfield Conservation share Council’s concern and fear that additional Council resources are likely to be expended on considering a site that is in serious jeopardy of proving to be undeliverable.

Nutfield Conservation Society therefore calls for the Redhill Aerodrome site to be withdrawn from consideration as a suitable location for a Garden Village.
See also our detailed comments made to Tandridge Council                                     Request to remove Redhill Aerodrome as potential Garden Village site

Click here to access the Tandridge Garden-Villages-Consultation documents
which include:  1.  Garden Villages main document/Consultation Questionnaire/and supporting documents
and 2.  Specific Redhill Aerodrome proposal documents:  Masterplan/Presentation and Representation 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Nutfield Litter Pick - April 2017

Thanks to volunteers for another successful Village Litter-pick. 
We were pleased to receive the support of additional helpers this year which enabled more areas of the village to be included in the schedule. Thanks to Tandridge Council for providing additional picking equipment and removing the litter pile afterwards and appreciation to Nutfield Parish Council for extending their insurance cover for this community event.
The weather was particularly kind to us this year and over 60 bags of litter was collected, together with a large pile of used tyres dumped in roadside areas (obviously as a result of the change in recycling policy involving a charge being made for such items).
Nevertheless, the total bags collected this year was down on previous years,  which is a hopeful sign that the message is getting across

It was pleasing to see those of you pictured above able to gather outside Holborn’s and participate in Dean’s kind hospitality after the event ended on the Sunday lunchtime.  
If you want to be involved in the Litter Pick next year please contact us via email:
Many thanks to Committee Member Paul Beard for organising this event again which hopefully helps us all to focus on the importance of maintaining a Parish Litter-Free zone.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


View details on page 29 of >Sites Consultation 2016 - Green Belt Assessment 
See Conservation Society response >NCS response Dec 2016

Additional sites were submitted by developers too late for consideration in the 2016 Consultation and has now led to a new 'Garden Village' vision being agreed;      
See >TDC Garden Village strategy - March 2017

Five 'Garden Village' sites are being assessed by TDC under their Local Plan which includes the Redhill Aerodrome site   see >Five sites being assessed  .

Monday, 12 September 2016


       Access PETITION-route-3-aircraft-noise 

We continue opposition to Gatwick route 3 which directs planes over Nutfield at heights below 4000ft. See below the CAA record showing the altitudes of aircraft flying over the village on this route during 2013 and 2014. This shows during these years 50% of aircraft flew below 4000ft.      
See the NCS submission made to the Civil Aviation Authority requesting a full review regarding the changes made to this route following the implementation of RNAV technology Route 3 CAA Submission - November 2016


See also a response from The Dept of Transport regarding a planned reduction in costs for Gatwick night flights which will undoubtedly lead to an increased volume of these flights VIEW: Dept of Transport response - LGW Night Flights

Saturday, 5 March 2016


See latest statements from Tandridge Council   > Update on TDC preparation of Local Plan
Note approach to build 4500 houses on Green Belt > See Redhill Aerodrome project

Earlier this year the Society carried out a review of the >Issues & Approaches document issued by Tandridge under the Regulation 18 Consultation see >NCS letter Feb 2016
The Society had particular concerns regarding the methodology being used to reclassify Green Belt within the area and our submission focused on these concerns.

We are now reviewing the revised Sites document forming the current consultation which commenced on 4th November 2016.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BIGGIN HILL - proposed changes to flightpaths

Biggin Hill Airport (LBHA) operates, almost exclusively, on two runways designated Rwy 21 and Rwy 03 (typically they are opposite ends of the same strip). The main factor to designate runway use is wind direction. Rwy 21 requires arrival and departures to operate on a south westerly track. Rwy 03 on a north easterly track.
The proposal for change concerns only Rwy 03 arrivals and is predicated on a move to Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP’s)
Currently aircraft using Rwy 03 to land arrive from the north, fly over the airport, circle and then turn north east to land. The proposal is for aircraft on IAP’s to approach from the north then head west, turn to the east travel along the M25 corridor and turn  north east on the final descent to LBHA.
The current system operates in the M25 corridor entirely north of the motorway. The proposed system will bring aircraft to the south of the M25 (at about 2,000ft) and thus be flying over communities not currently so affected (including Nutfield Parish). 
See >Biggin Hill proposed route changes   Red = existing flightpath   Black = proposed route 

Air traffic at Biggin Hill is currently on the increase though actual runway use is dependent on wind direction.
The proposal documents indicate that Rwy 03 operates for approximately 35% of the year. Actual arrival figures for Rwy 03 have varied over the last five years between 869 (2010) and 336 (2014).
The Conservation Society are studying the implications and will be submitting a response to the consultation which is open until February 2016.

We trust this very brief guide will be of assistance, the proposal documents may be found via Biggin Hill Airport website –     

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Mercers South - Plans approved by Surrey Council TA/2014/1799

UPDATE (1st August 2016)
A planning decision is awaited regarding a further application by J&J Franks to remodel Glebe Lake involving a reduction in depth by several metres which will reduce the flood risk to nearby properties resulting from the removal of sand aggregate from the land adjacent to the lake..

At the planning meeting in June, Surrey Council dismissed the various concerns raised regarding water management at the Mercers South site on Nutfield Marsh where development by J&J Franks is expected to commence in 2017.
Given the nearby landfill history the Society remain concerned regarding the possible pollution of aquifers and contamination of the local water supply and these concerns are shared by Sutton and East Surrey Water Authority who objected at the planning meeting when they expressed the following views:
1. De-watering at the quarry will lower groundwater levels in the area and potentially affect abstraction from local boreholes.
2. Post-development, a 7.5ha catchment from Glebe Lake will be diverted into Brewer Street Brook via a ditch; this will reduce infiltration into the ground.
3. It is unclear in the Long Term Water Management Monitoring Plan whether the applicant will be required to use subsoil which does not change the permeability of the ground compared to pre-development.
4. It is unclear whether ground levels will be returned to pre-development levels. Any reduction in ground levels would increase the risk of contamination to the aquifer.
5. Consideration needs to be given to the impact of using 'The Moors' as a flood alleviation scheme for Redhill Brook, in combination with the proposed drainage plans and dewatering operations for Mercers South.
In May 2015, the Society reiterated concerns regarding the perceived flood risk due to the proximity of Glebe Lake and the increased risk of damage to local aquifers resulting from the proposed mining activity: see >Objections to Flood Management Plan

Despite concerns raised regarding the likely deterioration in local air quality at the Mercers South site: see >Concerns regarding Dust Management, Surrey Council approved the Plan proposed by the developers: see >Decision on Dust Plan/Monitoring (DMMP)

The Society has raised both the above concerns at a meeting with Sam Gyimah MP who will be taking these up with Surrey Council to ensure robust monitoring takes place regarding local water extraction and air quality and that these remain within National standards.