TAG-A25 Campaign Group



TAG-A25 was formed following concerns raised by the residents of Nutfield, Bletchingley and Godstone regarding the increasing HGV volume on the A25 between Redhill and Godstone and the campaign group has united representation from all 3 villages

·     This stretch of the A25 is already extremely busy and there are increasing safety issues with vehicles speeding through narrow points.>view A25 pinch-points        
The situation will be compounded when the Mercers South Quarry activity commences in 2017 involving up to an additional 240 HGV’s per day using the A25 for the transportation of 4.1m tonnes of sand aggregate. 
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TAG Campaign success

A25 Speed Limit reduced to 40mph

Following a campaign which started in 2011, Surrey County Council have reduced the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph on the A25 either side of Nutfield. 
We hope this will help to reduce the speed of vehicles travelling through the narrow Nutfield High St.

Councils agree installation of Air Quality monitor on A25

Bletchingley and Nutfield Parish Councils have agreed joint funding of an AQ Mesh air quality monitor to be installed on the A25 near to the entrance of the new Mercers Quarry. Surrey Councillor Helena Windsor has given funding support to the parish councils for this initiative.The unit is planned to be installed on the A25 before the quarry commence their operation in 2017 and will measure PM (particulate matter) in the atmosphere. These microscopic particles can be generated by diesel fumes from vehicles using the A25.  see defra.gov.uk/documents  
The acceptable limit in any area (set by the Government) is 40ug/m3  and, if readings are shown to be in excess of this level, then Tandridge Council have agreed to install their own monitoring equipment and take action to reduce the level of any contamination.

There are existing monitors installed by Tandridge Council at various points along the A25 measuring the levels of nitrogen dioxide which should also not exceed 40ug/mand the above monitor will provide a fuller picture regarding air quality at this point of the A25.