Saturday, 30 December 2017

Council query Government Housing Target for Tandridge

We were pleased to see that TDC have opposed the proposed Government housing target of 12900 suggested -  See Tandridge Council Press Release

There are already severe strains upon local greenbelt to achieve the current assessed housing need (OAN) of 9400 (470 pa) over a 20 year period under the proposed draft Local Plan, which met the original Government assessment of 9220 (461 pa).

However, local greenbelt will be decimated if there is an insistence from Government to increase the Tandridge number  to £12900 (645 pa), as this would not take into account the local conditions applying to the district involving several areas designated as AONB.

The Government appear to have have a mistaken belief that building a substantial number of houses in Surrey greenbelt will help to solve the current housing problem, although these houses are unlikely to be within the financial reach of most local people seeking to own their own property. These properties will more likely be purchased by investors in the private rental market thus inflating local property costs even more than currently.

There are some really critical stretches of greenbelt in the Tandridge district which will be lost forever if exposed to the pressure to build a housing volume far beyond any local need.
We hope the Government will resist their current approach and allow Tandridge Council to work within a realistic local housing need.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Redhill Aerodrome Housing Plan

      This planned development will create a huge estate and cause urban spread from South Nutfield west towards Redhill and south towards Horley.

            also see >BBCSurrey/comments                         
     A  number of obstacles involved with the consideration of Redhill Aerodrome as a ‘Garden Village’ site have been identified by Tandridge District Council (TDC) which make the potential delivery  dates unrealistic within the 2033 timescale applicable to their Local Plan.
TDC have expressed in their Garden Village Consultation concerns that “…..development would not commence within a  timeframe that could suitably contribute to meeting any of TDC needs for the plan period which would be an unsound approach and highly challenged…..”
The site has performed a valuable purpose as a local aerodrome since 1930 and is an important strategic employment location within Tandridge district.

The area involved is critical Green Belt (as accepted in the 2014 Public Enquiry) and this inappropriate housing proposal would breach a number of protections afforded under the National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF).


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Nutfield Litter Pick - April 2017

Thanks to volunteers for another successful Village Litter-pick. 
We were pleased to receive the support of additional helpers this year which enabled more areas of the village to be included in the schedule. Thanks to Tandridge Council for providing additional picking equipment and removing the litter pile afterwards and appreciation to Nutfield Parish Council for extending their insurance cover for this community event.
The weather was particularly kind to us this year and over 60 bags of litter was collected, together with a large pile of used tyres dumped in roadside areas (obviously as a result of the change in recycling policy involving a charge being made for such items).
Nevertheless, the total bags collected this year was down on previous years,  which is a hopeful sign that the message is getting across

It was pleasing to see those of you pictured above able to gather outside Holborn’s and participate in Dean’s kind hospitality after the event ended on the Sunday lunchtime.  
If you want to be involved in the Litter Pick next year please contact us via email:
Many thanks to Committee Member Paul Beard for organising this event again which hopefully helps us all to focus on the importance of maintaining a Parish Litter-Free zone.