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On 19th July 2018, Tandridge District Full Council accepted the decision of the Planning Policy Committee (PPC
 to adopt the Draft Local Plan and Regulation 19 Consultation arrangements.  This followed a motion that the PPC decision be remitted to them for further consideration; the motion was defeated (15 for, 21 against and one abstention). The selection of South Godstone for the Garden Village development is included in the Draft Local plan

Following this announcement, Thakeham recently made a presentation to Godstone residents, which was facilitated by Godstone Council. The developer’s objective was not only to undermine the decision to select South Godstone as the site for a garden village development (and encourage residents to respond to the Regulation 19 consultation) but, in so doing, include support for their Redhill Aerodrome proposal. 

A number of points that respondents could include were suggested by Thakeham. Many of the matters referred to by them were subjective with large elements of spin and misleadingly presented as fact. The presentation included heavy criticism of TDC and the erroneous allegation that aspects of the information provided by Thakeham is not included in Local Plan documents and has not been accounted for in decisions
 by TDC.
Thakeham are attempting to exploit South Godstone’s unfortunate situation by appearing to support them. They are only interested in promoting their Redhill Aerodrome proposal
 although it is counterproductive to try and defend one site by expressing support for another.  

NCS are contacting Godstone community organisations and Councillors to highlight the flaws in the presentation and 
highlight the dangers in following Thakeham’s self-serving advice and we are seeking to clarify the Godstone Parish Council strategy given this latest presentation.  

We remind you that The Regulation 19 consultation opens on 30th July and runs until the 10th September 2018. The consultation covers soundness and legal compliance of the Local Plan. We are currently working with NPC and an advisor experienced in such matters to produce a response to the consultation which will be seen by the Inspector when the draft plan is examined (early next year) 
Please view the Local Plan documents on TDC website. 

We plan to circulate information about the consultation on our website so please be aware.  

Positive responses to requests we shall be making to you in due course will be invaluable in defending the aerodrome from inappropriate development

Many thanks.
Protecting the local environment - Charity No 275088

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Tandridge Council (TDC) announce that South Godstone will be the preferred site for a Garden Village development of 4000 houses.
The other option at Redhill Aerodrome was always going to be a problem for development within the TDC Local Plan period, given the need for a motorway junction to the M23, although there will be ongoing pressure to deliver more homes than currently proposed by TDC as this is lower than the currently assessed need of 9,400 and significantly lower than the Government calculation of 12,900.
However, TDC Leader Martin Fisher has reiterated his vow to stand firm against this Government target which is viewed as unrealistic.
It will be interesting to see how the issue of housing development unfolds east of Redhill given the local interest of both councils (TDC and RBBC).
Protecting the local environment - Charity No 275088

From: communications []
Sent: 25 May 2018 16:55
Subject: Press Release: Leader reaffirms commitment to improve the quality of life for all residents and vows to stand firm against government’s unrealistic targets on new homes
At last night’s Annual Council meeting, the Leader of Tandridge District Council, Councillor Martin Fisher, set out the Council’s vision for the next year. He renewed its commitment to create a, “sustainable future for the area – in terms of employment, retail and leisure,” and announced his decision to join the Council’s Health & Wellbeing Board, “demonstrating my personal commitment to prevention work and the contribution we make to the health and wellbeing agenda.”
Councillor Fisher also committed to supporting businesses in the district by ensuring Tandridge receives, “the investment it needs to allow our settlements to prosper and our businesses to grow.”
He reaffirmed the Council’s determination to stand firm on the promises made in the creation of its Local Plan which will be considered by the Planning Policy Committee on 3 July.
“The report will set out the proposed location for the Garden Community, which will deliver the best answer to the huge dilemma posed by the desperate need to provide homes for our children and much needed infrastructure for the district, while protecting the natural environment which we all value.
I am confident the publication of the proposals will put to rest the scaremongering stories about the size of any proposed community. It will be no more than 4,000 homes, built over at least two decades and will include affordable rent, as well as shared ownership – real homes for people to bring up their families and make a life in.  Let me be crystal clear – we will not accept a scheme which does not do this or which fails to deliver the infrastructure needed to make the new community sustainable.”
In regard to the unrealistic housing targets set by government, he said he expected a battle with developers: “They will use all the weapons in their arsenal to increase the numbers in the final plan. But we will hold firm. The numbers which this district can accommodate will not come near the current delivery target of 9,400 by 2033, let alone the revised targets from the government which represent an unacceptable increase of 37% on that number.”
He also celebrated the Council’s achievements of the past year. This included the delivery of new council homes in Bletchingley and the expansion of the Wellbeing Prescription service, a free service supporting the health and wellbeing of residents which is now one of the largest in the country and led to the Council and its partners being nominated for a national award.  He also announced the Council will continue to fully fund the Council Tax discount scheme which supports low paid residents, which is only offered by 10% of councils in the country.
He concluded: “There is much to do, but working together and with the support of our staff, I am confident we can achieve our goals and provide the leadership and services our residents expect, need and deserve.”
To read key extracts from the Leader’s speech or watch a video of the full speech, visit
For more information contact Giuseppina Valenza or Charlotte Bradshaw on or 01883 732704/2742.
Party spokesperson: Councillor Martin Fisher (Con) 01883 712263, Councillor Chris Botten (Lib Dem) 07917 862130, Councillor Martin Allen (Ind) 01959 577201
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Thursday, 3 May 2018

NPPF Consultation APRIL 2018

The 2017 Budget included additional proposals to change planning policy and legislation to bring forward more land for development. 
The National Planning Policy Framework consultation document sets out these Consultation Proposals

NPPF Consultation response by Nutfield Conservation Society

Sunday, 15 April 2018

AGM 2018 - 21st April




                          Took Place on SATURDAY 21st APRIL 
                                      AGM 2018 Minutes

                                             Annual Trustees Report 2018

Tuesday, 3 April 2018



THREE SITES REMAIN TO BE CONSIDERED: Blindley Heath/ South Godstone and Redhill Aerodrome.  A final decision by Tandridge District Council is expected by the end of May.

Monday, 29 January 2018

REDHILL AERODROME land 'safeguarded' by Reigate&Banstead Council

Running alongside the Tandridge Local Plan negotiations – is the consultation
(Regulation 19 Development Management Plan) from Reigate & Banstead Council
Refer to pages 158/159

Vast amounts of greenbelt are proposed to be 'safeguarded' (including part of Redhill Aerodrome) for possible housing development post 2027.  Less than 40% of the aerodrome land is within the Reigate & Banstead Authority boundary and the larger balance is controlled by Tandridge District Council.
DMP Sustainability Appraisal Oct 2017:  "The development is likely to have a significant negative impact on landscape character due to the size of the site in a currently undeveloped area in the countryside"
It is good that MP Crispin Blunt is opposed to any housing development on the aerodrome site - see his quote: “I will, therefore, be enlisting support for my opposition to the Redhill Aerodrome Development proposal in the coming months and believe that there is a groundswell of local like-minded opinion to support such a campaign”.
Any proposed housing development on green belt land on or adjacent to the aerodrome site will have a huge negative effect upon the local community with a large increase in traffic using local lanes which are already overloaded by vehicles using these as short-cuts.
THE CONSULTATION CLOSES at 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018 
Refer to the SUMMARY LIST OF OBJECTIONS  your own responses

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