Thursday, 10 September 2020

Tandridge Local Plan - Transport Queries

We are advised that, following the decision on the failed HIF bid relating to the Godstone Garden Community, the Inspector raised some queries with Tandridge Council regarding the adequacy of a suitable transport network. 

It may be possible for TDC to show that there is sufficient capacity to secure an adequate supply of deliverable housing sites, prior to the necessary transport mitigation being put into place.  Links to the latest exchanges between TDC and The Inspector are: 1) Initial Inspector queries (ref ID12)   2) TDC initial response     3) TDC Follow-up response  4) Inspector latest response (ref ID13)

Of course the Inspector may consider that the existing transport evidence is not adequate for such conclusions to be drawn or, if it is considered necessary to determine the level of housing development which would lead to the transport effects becoming severe, then further transport modelling work may be required. We await deliberations by the Inspector on soundness of the Plan or otherwise what further actions are required by TDC

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