Tuesday 1 December 2015

BIGGIN HILL - proposed changes to flightpaths

Biggin Hill Airport (LBHA) operates, almost exclusively, on two runways designated Rwy 21 and Rwy 03 (typically they are opposite ends of the same strip). The main factor to designate runway use is wind direction. Rwy 21 requires arrival and departures to operate on a south westerly track. Rwy 03 on a north easterly track.
The proposal for change concerns only Rwy 03 arrivals and is predicated on a move to Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP’s)
Currently aircraft using Rwy 03 to land arrive from the north, fly over the airport, circle and then turn north east to land. The proposal is for aircraft on IAP’s to approach from the north then head west, turn to the east travel along the M25 corridor and turn  north east on the final descent to LBHA.
The current system operates in the M25 corridor entirely north of the motorway. The proposed system will bring aircraft to the south of the M25 (at about 2,000ft) and thus be flying over communities not currently so affected (including Nutfield Parish). 
See >Biggin Hill proposed route changes   Red = existing flightpath   Black = proposed route 

Air traffic at Biggin Hill is currently on the increase though actual runway use is dependent on wind direction.
The proposal documents indicate that Rwy 03 operates for approximately 35% of the year. Actual arrival figures for Rwy 03 have varied over the last five years between 869 (2010) and 336 (2014).
The Conservation Society are studying the implications and will be submitting a response to the consultation which is open until February 2016.

We trust this very brief guide will be of assistance, the proposal documents may be found via Biggin Hill Airport website – http://www.bigginhillairport.com/acp