Wednesday, 14 July 2021

NUTFIELD GREEN PARK - update July 2021

Further to the Developer leaflet distributed last year we have been advised that an Outline Planning application has now been submitted to Tandridge Planning and recorded under ref TA/2021/1040.

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We have a number of concerns as this is a large development within local green belt and lying within Landscape Character Area and close to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Construction traffic alone will involve HGV movements of 132 per day plus other workforce movements to and from the site. These are added to existing HGV movements to/from a) the Biffa Waste Site and b) Mercers Quarry using the busy A25 which narrows through Nutfield High St containing numerous heritage buildings.

Reports were received regarding the destruction of wildlife habitat in Spring 2020 despite the land  being part of a Biodiversity Area (BOA).

NCS representatives are studying the content of this outline application and are liaising with Nutfield Parish Council, Tandridge Council and Surrey Council to adopt a common approach.


Previous webpage (2020)

Residents of Nutfield Parish have received a leaflet from Nutfield Green Park Ltd providing updated detail of their proposed plans to form an application to Tandridge District Council for outline planning permission. The development proposes to include the following:

- 239 new homes set in four separate areas

- A rehabilitation and respite facility

- 100 'Extra Care' apartments

- An Outdoor Activity Park

- A Wellbeing Centre (to include GP Surgery, Community Shop, Restaurant/Cafe, Creche, Business Hub, Community Event Space, Indoor+Outdoor Gyms, Sport Treatment Rooms, Outdoor Play Area, Changing Rooms, Toilets and other amenities

The details now shown on this leaflet differ from that originally advised and from that previously shown on the document submitted  > Scoping document March 2019               The leaflet refers to the new vision being available via their website. 

NCS have provisionally responded to Nutfield Green Park Co Ltd to request clarification of exactly what is proposed in an application and meanwhile maintain opposition to the proposed concept  - see NCS response Dec 2020 

Formal comments will be made once full detail of the planning application are known.

<map included on leaflet>

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Young People 'Love Nutfield' project by Christ Church

We are so lucky to live in our beautiful village and have so much green space and all kinds of wildlife around us. Have you ever seen or noticed rubbish on the floor? or seen plastic bags, cans, or other objects that animals could get stuck in?  Sadly, the answer to this question is probably yes.  But what can you do to encourage people to not drop rubbish and to keep our lovely village clean? Well...this is where they need your help!

Christ Church are inviting young people to design a poster to encourage people not to drop their rubbish?

You might want to show the harm it can do to animals, how easy it is for people to put litter in the bin instead of on the floor or even show how it makes you feel when your village has rubbish left on the ground.  Whatever you want to do, Christ Church would love to see it!

Artwork can be sent in either via a photograph of your poster which your parent/carer can email to the church office for them to print at or they will have a tray at church for you to drop your poster onto  - remember to attach your name so they know who the poster is from and they will do their very best to return these but would suggest keeping your own copy just in case they are unable to do so.

A selection of winners will then see their posters displayed around the village for all to see! All entries will also receive a tasty treat to say thank you for all your hard work. Poster entries will need to be received by Wednesday 5 May 2021.

Any queries can be raised via the Christ Church email:

Thank you all so much for loving our great village and helping to keep it clean!

Create your 'Love Nutfield' poster - expand to A4 size

Thursday, 11 March 2021

CAA - latest Night Flights Consultation

See the relevant consultation night-flight-restrictions-at-heathrow-gatwick-and-stansted-airports-between-2022-and-2024-plus-future-night-flight-policy/night-flight-restrictions

The government recognise that noise from aircraft taking-off and landing at night is often regarded by communities as the most disturbing form of airport operations. They also recognise that there is evidence, including in the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) revised Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region, that sleep disturbance caused by aircraft night operations can have adverse health impacts on overflown communities.

Here is Nutfield Conservation Society response to the first part of this consultation which closed on 3 March 2021 NCS Response to Night Flights Consultation (part I)

This is a two-stage consultation process which seeks views on the regime at the designated airports beyond 2022, and night flights in the national context.

Stage 1 of this consultation has 2 purposes. Firstly, the CAA are formally consulting on their proposal to maintain the existing night flight restrictions for the designated airports (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted) from 2022 to 2024, and a proposal to ban QC4 rated aircraft movements during the night quota period (23:30 to 06:00). Responses to this section of the consultation will allow them to make a final policy decision on the regime for the designated airport beyond 2022 in summer 2021.This part of the consultation is for a period of 3 months, and closed on 3 March 2021.

Secondly, they are also seeking early views and evidence on policy options for the government’s future night flight policy at the designated airports beyond 2024, and nationally. This includes whether the national noise policy should be amended to include a specific policy for night noise, revising the CAA night flight dispensation guidance, whether criteria should be set for airport designation, and what any future night flight regime at the designated airports should look like. This second section has been extended in a separate consultation, running from 4 March to 31 May 2021, all responses received will be treated equally to those of the new consultation.

Sunday, 31 January 2021


January 2021



Jubilee Wood – Nutfield Parish Council and Nutfield Tree Wardens

The pandemic has certainly wrecked plans for the planting of the new Jubilee Wood.  The young trees have arrived, and are currently heeled in garden soil but they do have to be planted this year, no later than the end of March, so help is needed.  

Restrictions mean that a community tree planting event which was to be organised by the Parish Council and the Tree Wardens, is out of the question. However, one person only arriving on site to plant and one other person there to show where to plant, is possible under the current regulations.  Planting is good exercise after all.    

Preparations beforehand will be everything.  The little trees – they are small year old whips - will be put into bags of 20 containing five different tree species, and the bags brought to the site.  Planting areas, each enough for 20 young trees, will also be marked out in advance by the Tree Wardens. Each bag will come with the right number of guards, stakes and ties. One of the Tree Wardens will be on site to show the next block to be planted. Volunteers will be contacted beforehand with online “how to plant” information, and written instructions will be available too. No previous tree planting experience is needed.  The Tree Warden and the volunteer planter will keep at least 2m apart at all times.   

We would like single volunteers to come forward: one person only from a family.  You will be able to choose, or be asked to come, at a specific time and leave at a specific time. You will be about an hour and a half on site.  You will have to bring your own tools – a garden spade and fork, secateurs, and if you have them, a mallet or similar for driving in tree stakes,  and a wheel barrow might be useful. The ground is wet, heavy clay so strong boots and gloves will be essential; and you will have to provide your own refreshments.  Sanitiser sprays and wipes will be on site should they be needed. 

The date when this is to happen is the weekend of the 6th and 7th March.   If the weather is really poor, then planting might be moved to the following weekend but that would be a last resort. 

If you want to volunteer, please could you email Liz Ramsay (Tree Warden):, or Nicky Chiswick:

Sadly for this year, we are going to have to say that no children can come to the tree planting.  This is not the community tree planting event the Parish Council and the Tree Wardens wanted.  But all things will end - the pandemic included. Jubilee Wood is an ongoing project, and next year, let’s hope, children, families, couples, everyone can be welcomed together to plant more of the new Jubilee Wood.

There is another special tree that will also have to be planted this year.  The Nutfield Tree Wardens and Nutfield Parish Council have been awarded a special elm tree to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the national Tree Warden Network.  It is also being delivered this winter but, as it is in a pot, there is less urgency to get it into the ground.   The elm is Ulmus ‘New Horizon’, and is totally resistant to Dutch Elm disease, which over the past fifty years has killed mature elm trees throughout the country.  There are no large elms now left in Surrey - only hedgerow ones.  This elm will grow to a mature tree in time, and will be a key feature near the entrance to the new Jubilee Wood.

Planting weekend: 6th and 7th March.  

If you wish to volunteer, please contact

Liz Ramsay (Tree Warden) :

Nicky Chiswick (Parish Clerk) :

To supplement the appearance, Nutfield Tree Wardens have received a Grant from Surrey County Council to  place bespoke benches in the newly planted area. It is hoped that all users of the fields will enjoy the new trees and can rest for a while on the new benches.