Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Young People 'Love Nutfield' project by Christ Church

We are so lucky to live in our beautiful village and have so much green space and all kinds of wildlife around us. Have you ever seen or noticed rubbish on the floor? or seen plastic bags, cans, or other objects that animals could get stuck in?  Sadly, the answer to this question is probably yes.  But what can you do to encourage people to not drop rubbish and to keep our lovely village clean? Well...this is where they need your help!

Christ Church are inviting young people to design a poster to encourage people not to drop their rubbish?

You might want to show the harm it can do to animals, how easy it is for people to put litter in the bin instead of on the floor or even show how it makes you feel when your village has rubbish left on the ground.  Whatever you want to do, Christ Church would love to see it!

Artwork can be sent in either via a photograph of your poster which your parent/carer can email to the church office for them to print at or they will have a tray at church for you to drop your poster onto  - remember to attach your name so they know who the poster is from and they will do their very best to return these but would suggest keeping your own copy just in case they are unable to do so.

A selection of winners will then see their posters displayed around the village for all to see! All entries will also receive a tasty treat to say thank you for all your hard work. Poster entries will need to be received by Wednesday 5 May 2021.

Any queries can be raised via the Christ Church email:

Thank you all so much for loving our great village and helping to keep it clean!

Create your 'Love Nutfield' poster - expand to A4 size