Thursday 18 April 2019

Plans for Nutfield Green Park

Please see the details of a proposed development sent to NCS in April 2019
This involves plans for an Activity Park development to be located on the old Laportes land to the north of the A25 at Nutfield. Plans will include an Activity Centre, a Nursing Home plus 105 Housing units.
Development is stated to involve up to 60 HGVs per day (120 movements) with planned access onto the A25 where the red dot is showing - to the east of Nutfield Cemetery. 
Potential access for leisure use is shown as a green dot on Church Hill - at the car park opposite the Church of St Peter & St Paul.   New cottages are planned alongside existing cottages east of the Inn on The Pond and Nutfield Cricket Ground per map below.


  1. The development looks unlikely to cause harm to the village.
    On the other hand, the access points cause me concern.
    The proposed HGV access is on the brow of a hill; anyone who has seen a car getting in or out of the cottages opposite knows how dangerous it is turning on or off the A25 at this point.
    The westerly proposed residential access is already an exceedingly busy junction with frequent queues. Traffic in and out of Park Works Road is a hazard, and is itself at risk. I think that increasing traffic there will make it more hazardous.
    I view the proposed easterly access to housing as particularly dangerous. This too, is on the brow of a hill, where the main road is narrow. Turning traffic will create queues and safety problems.
    The detailed map of the development shows that access to the visitor centre will be through the HGV access, so that is in fact a permanent access on Pimlico Hill. The A25 will quickly develop queues at all the access points, as indeed it does already at the junction with Cormongers Lane.
    I note that Nutfield Priory access does not cause problems, as the widen has been very considerably enlarged, and the drive is wide, so that turning traffic does not impede the flow. The development below Pimlico Hill could perhaps be re-designed to allow an access of that sort, with access to the housing at the end of Park Works Road also being from that entrance.
    I cannot see how to achieve a safe and traffic-friendly access to the easterly housing development. ccess from the A25 seems to be no more suitable than access through the Church Carpark, which is difficult and dangerous.

  2. Hello, I would say that the access to the park on church hill is on a pretty dangerous location and needs to be examined. Furthermore, the junction on Church hill to A25 is conjested with cars parks on the South bound side of the road making access tricky. Overall, I am not unhappy about the proposal of a green adventure park. However, I do have a problem with the building of 105 homes. This would mean 400 people and therefore we would have to ask about schooling and other considerations as well as having this number of people isolated from public transport. In addition I do feel that the issue of housing is one that needs to be addressed. I was happy to let the small development in Nutfield happen to due to its size and location near the centre of the village. However, this development begins a process of building on greenbelt near a site of ONB. I also wonder if this development is passed how many more might be build over the next 15 years? When the council come to build another garden village I would wonder if the arguments for protection of the green belt would be as sound as they are now.

  3. I agree with the comments about the access points. The A25 is already carrying considerable traffic and more than it’s fair share of heavy lorries. The development will obviously generate more traffic, and will mean there are five exits on to the A25 on the North side of the road in not much over half a mile not to mention the heavy lorries using the easterly access beyond Church Hill, and the Memorial Hall. As also pointed out this stretch of road isn’t flat which causes further accident risks. The existing exit from the Park Works drive is very narrow with restricted sight lines, and an earlier planning application to build at the end of this road was refused because of this by County Highways Department. Obviously since that time the traffic has increased considerably. This will use up more Green belt land, and I suspect that this proposal is just the thin edge of the wedge for further development of the whole area.

  4. I agree entirely with the above interms of traffic additions to the A25.
    On top of that the woodland effected is home to amazing wildlife which is rare for this area. There are Roe deer in the woods plus Badger dens. I'm sure this will need to be looked at in detail.

    As I am aware the majority of the site is old landfill grounds. So any building is highly if not definitely not possible. Especially considering the elevation of certain aspects in the proposal. All other points raised I completely agree with. The added traffic and disruption to the already VERY busy A25 especially in rush hour would be a danger. This part of greenbelt should be treasured as it's all we have in the local area that is usable by every day people.

  5. I agree with the previous comments. The access points are totally inaproppriate and existing roads are very heavilly used. If the developer are serious they need to build safe access points which will entail much more thought and certainly cost if this is to be a viable ptoposition. As it stands as a resident of Nutfield I am against the development.