Wednesday 2 February 2022

Evidence for revision of Surrey Hills AONB boundary


Moors Nature Reserve

Mercers Lake (previously a gravel quarry) now recreation centre and site for migrating birds

    Charman Cottage (1559) one of the oldest buildings in the hamlet of Nutfield Marsh

    Open meadowland on Nutfield Marsh

    Open farmland on Nutfield Marsh

    Wild area of Nutfield Marsh

    Pasture land on the restored area of Nutfield Marsh

    Church of St Peter & St Paul on edge of restored land

    Woodland in the regenerated area - following Fullers Earth extraction

    1971 aerial photo of Fullers Earth Works 

    Restored landscape (north of A25) following Fullers Earth extraction

    View of Priory Farm estate featuring Nutfield Priory

    Priory Farm Estate

    Fullers Wood Lane/ Byes Wood

    View south-west from Bower Hill Farm

    View of ridge from Brays Farm

    View east from Brays Footpath

    View south from Brays Footpath - shows Redhill Aerodrome green field site

    Southern slope of Greensand Ridge

    View of Little Cormongers farmland - featuring Holmsdale  House on ridge

    Ancient woodland along Greensand Ridge (top of Coopers Hill) rich with bluebells

    Wild area around Steners Hill

    View south from Steners Hill

    Steners Hill

    View of farmland south of Greensand Ridge

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