Saturday 15 October 2022

CHAIRMAN POSITION - Nutfield Conservation Society


Some of you know our NCS Chairman, Peter Forbes has been out of action for a large part of this year - with hospital admissions for Marian and himself plus a succession of falls/accidents causing mobility issues. 

 He has managed to keep a handle on most NCS issues and has had huge support from Steve Hanks during this period - especially with monthly articles for the LINK.  NCS has completed another year at the end of September and our treasurer will be completing the 'end of year accounts' for audit. Our committee also finalised the Village Calendar submissions and Kent Sandiford kindly put the artwork together for the printers to produce supply of the 2023 calendars which are now on sale at Holborns and at Priory Farm Shop (as advertised in the LINK plus posters around the village). 

In view of Peter’s health issues being ongoing since his cancer operation at the end of 2019, he will be stepping down as Chairman at the end of this year and the Society will be looking for someone to take up this position next year and maybe seek additional committee members to assist with ongoing NCS research/responses etc. He is happy to continue as a committee member to assist as required and is happy to discuss any details regarding NCS.

If anyone would like to discuss the Chairman position or knows of anyone who may be interested please email at the NCS address below or contact Peter on 822811. The person should be a resident of Nutfield Parish.

The Chairman role has been extremely fulfilling and one which Peter advises has thoroughly enjoyed since taking this up over 10 years ago but, given his current situation and ongoing family commitments, we appreciate his need to step back and support NCS more from the wings.


Tel 822811


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