Monday 8 April 2019


The 2019 Nutfield Litter Pick took place 5/6/7th April and involved an increased number of volunteers (50) combing the roads and lanes of the parish to remove unwanted litter/jetsom.
The photo opposite shows the pile assembled awaiting collection by Tandridge Council.

Our thanks go to Conservation Society member Paul Beard who organises the event exceptionally well each April - and anyone who has not previously been involved can record interest by emailing him at

Grateful thanks goes to Tandridge Council (specifically Jim Lewthwaite) for providing the litter pick kit and hi-viz vests used for the event and for arranging collection of the pile of litter/rubbish from the designated site at the junction of Kings Cross Lane and Kings Mill Lane.
Thanks also to Surrey Police (specifically PSCO Lorraine Wells) for supply of police road signs to warn oncoming traffic of the event and creating a safer working environment to collect the litter.
NCS wish to thank Nutfield Parish Council for extending their insurance to include cover for all the volunteers involved in the event - this is very much appreciated.
Finally, thanks go to all the volunteers who were able to devote a few hours of their time to support this worthwhile annual event.

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